Anonymous asked: No, your web comic is a flipping addicting. 3 pages every Friday is not enough ><

OMG  ur2 sweet. I seriously wish I could put out more a week (like a chapter would be FAB) but time my friends…time… 

Anonymous asked: Your web comic is like the icing to my Fridays<3

This makes me so happy <333

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Some pages from my webcomic Yeah Baby WHICH I HOPE YOU ARE ALL READING! Also chapter 4 has been updated sooooo go check it out!

The Beatles! 

More sketches from my instagram 

The struggle is real. 

high and dry 

Anonymous asked: Just wondering! But do you drive/have a motorcycle. I saw your inktober sketches and made me wonder if you did. Also, keep up the good art ^^

Ugh I wish! But sadly no. So instead I just draw them!


Some inktober sketches from my instagram. Kinda failing at keeping up with it but at least I’m attempting this thing! 

pretty in pink


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Hey! Yeah Baby chapter three has now been fully updated! Click here or on pic to check it out! This was  a rather short chapter but in two weeks I will begin posting chapter 4, which gets kind of crazy.   

Color study? I don’t know. 

2-5 min ballerina gestures 

One of the sketch commissions I did from sl comic con that I liked so I added some color. BB Groot!