Anonymous asked: Have you seen Little Witch Academia? Your art style really reminds me of it!

I have! I’m pretty excited to see more from studio trigger; also Hiroyuki Imaishi is definitely one of my inspirations! (his work in flcl omg)

Anonymous asked: Your blog and art really brighten up my day!

This makes me so happy!! One of the reasons I create art is specifically for this purpose! :D

Art Nouveau (Mucha) inspired Sailor Moon! Sailor Moon and the Art Nouveau are two of my favorite things, so I wanted to try combining them. This was a ton of fun so I might just have to do more of these in the near future :)  

A Mucha inspired sailor moon! Now my hand really hurts

colored version coming soon!

Some sketches. Kisses and 60’s track boys fun fun fun

L watercolor I found in one of my sketchbooks. I can’t believe Death Note is ten years old! craziness 

I’ve been wanting to draw the Sailor Scouts for a while now, and I thought it would be fun to draw them as pin ups 

My phone just autocorrected rapunzel to rap uncle


Anonymous asked: Your art makes me so happy! I really love the way you draw Link! Is there somewhere I can buy prints of your art?

Oh thank you so much! I love drawing Link >D As for prints and shenanigans, I don’t have anything set up right now but hopefully after this semester (which has been rather crazy aaah) I will get an online shop of sorts set up!

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Kanedaaaaa! Sorry about the doodle spam but theres just so many I haven’t posted aha. One of these days I’ll get around to finishing a complete and fabulous Illustration…

Carson doodles  

As much as I love swashbuckler films, the girls featured are usually such fiddle fuddles! I thought how cool it would be to see a strong female version of one of my favorite Swashbuckler franchises,  the mighty Robin Hood!  

Some Beatles inspired ink sketches 

Link and Epona watercolor :)

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Man the one thing I can’t stop thinking about is how desperate young artists seem to be for shortcuts, and that’s kind of disheartening

When I was streaming I got a bunch of questions asking like ‘Do you have tips or tutorials for drawing xyz thing’ and…

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