2-5 min ballerina gestures 

One of the sketch commissions I did from sl comic con that I liked so I added some color. BB Groot!   

Actual goddess Annie Clark

petitepluume asked: Hey! I'm starting to read Yeah Baby and it's pretty cool, but I just wanted to let you know that right now, page 22 is the same as page 24 '^^

Thank you so much for pointing this out! Just fixed it! Also some people weren’t able to see page 24 at all, which has also been fixed. That was confusing, I’m so sorry about that! But if you want to see page 22 now that it’s actually page 22:  yeahbabycomic.com/yb/page-22/


Yeah Baby has officially launched! I have the first two chapters up so far and plan on updating three pages every Friday with two week breaks in-between completed chapters. I hope you all like it!!!

Also please spread the word! Reblogs and sharing will really help people discover the comic! 

The little mermaid 

Happy almost birthday Andy!!! I hope that its magical and that you PARTY HARD. <3 

Ctchrysler  seriously has the best characters ever.

Annie Mei and Rin!  


omg its the URL EVERYONE! I’m actually going to be launching Yeah Baby on THURSDAY THE 28TH NOW WHAT. Because I will be driving all day on the 29th.  

I hope you all like it!!! I’m freaking out. 

lil’ Harry

Some Luna sketchings


Here’s a hideously belated birthday sketch for thenamesmadlibbs! I hope you like it ;A; it was so nice to meet you & I can’t wait for your webcomic!

AAAAAAAAAH OMG ANDY SHE LOOKS SO CUTEEE!!! AND SPORTY!!! Thank you so much!! It was super nice to meet you too <33 

Miss Moon! 

WIP- I’m launching my webcomic Yeah Baby on August 29th aaaaaaaaaah GET READY   

Twiggy! Sorry about the long hiatus; I have been rather busy with life and things. But I will be back posting art regularly soon! 

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