Miss Moon! 

WIP- I’m launching my webcomic Yeah Baby on August 29th aaaaaaaaaah GET READY   

Twiggy! Sorry about the long hiatus; I have been rather busy with life and things. But I will be back posting art regularly soon! 

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Surprise I’m not dead! Baseball girl sketch I threw some color on  

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Some outdoor sketches from my instagram 

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Happy Birthday Libby :D

So excited for your webcomic <3 and I don’t know much about it yet but Chantelle has such a cool design D:

If y’all aren’t following libby go do now because seriously what an awesome art style!!!!!

OMG ANGELA this is so beautiful!!!!!!!! *actually crying rn* You are so sweet thank you so much <333 

Sanji <3

Anonymous asked: Is there a place where I could buy prints of your beautiful art? Your style is so unique and lovely.

Thank you so much! Yup I have a society 6but I want to start my own store soon, which I will let you all know when I do so! Cause I’m also super interested in creating my own clothing line :D 

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This is why I sometimes hate deviantart. People just expect art for free and it sucks. I don’t want to sound mean about this, but this is becoming a problem as I’ve been receiving more and more messages like this. Good people, don’t do this. How are artists supposed to make a living? I know its hard to believe, but artists are humans too. Humans who need need to pay for food and rent and tuition.   

Zelda’s design in Hyrule Warriors is so lovely! 


I only wear one piece suits

that’s normal

no you don’t understand



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Ma homegirl Chantelle 

Some little Harry sketches from last night because the nostalgia was hitting me hard

Exciting news.


I’m going to be selling prints of my art at Salt Lake Comic Con in September!

I’m sharing a table with my friend, the amazingly talented Libby.

I plan on drawing a LOT of stuff this summer to prepare for this so if you want to see a certain print there, or if you have a suggestion of some fan art you would like me to draw for it, please let me know! (Also, let me know if you’re coming because that would be super awesome)

This is my first con…EVER. I’m really excited!

Ayy people! Yes I’m going to be selling at  the Salt Lake comicon with my amazing friend Miranda (who you should all go follow cause her art is fabulous) So if you’re planning on coming be sure to stop by and say hello! When I know the table we’ll be at I’ll be sure to let you guys know :D 

I’ve never watched/read the actual Kenshin series, but Trust and Betrayal is one of my favorite things ever and I highly recommend everyone watch it!